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Pasado Continuo

Pasado Continuo construcción: was /were + gerundio (verbo + —ing).

Verbo ejemplar: shout

I was shouting  We were shouting
You were shoutingYou (guys) were shouting
He/she/it was shouting  They were shouting

Utilizamos el Pasado Continuo cuando hablamos sobre una acción en el pasado que se prolongaba o que estaba a punto de ser interrumpida

  • was studying all day on Friday for my science exam.
  • You were watching television when your mum came in to ask for help. (‘your mum came in’ está interrumpiendo la acción ‘watching television’).
  • What were you doing yesterday? I was spending time with friends.
  • As James was writing his thesis, his sister knocked on the door.

En la oración: ‘You were watching the game yesterday when your mum came in’. (‘your mum came in’ está interrumpiendo la acción ‘watching the game’).

Empleamos el Pasado Continuo cuando hablamos sobre acciones paralelas en el pasado

(Más de una acción que suceden a la vez).

  • Ann and Matthew were calling each other while their friends were enjoying their time outside.
  • I was writing my essay when my little brother was screaming.
  • When you were wasting time, I was working.
  • If he was playing video games yesterday, then why weren’t you keeping busy?
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Podemos hacer uso del Pasado Continuo para hablar del ambiente del pasado

  • When we went to the supermarket there were kids screaming and parents were screaming at one another.
  • Yesterday when I went to the football game I saw that people were happily cheering on their local teams.

Recuerda, en general utilizamos adverbios con el Pasado Continuo para modificar el verbo, adjetivos u otros adverbios dentro de la misma oración

Adverbios como: only, just, still, ever, always, sometimes

  • What were you doing upstairs? I was just looking around to see if I could find my phone.
  • She was never going to meet with him because she didn’t like him.
  • When Martin arrived on Tuesday I was still waiting for him for more than twenty minutes.

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