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Preposiciones oracionales

Las preposiciones oracionales son oraciones agrupadas de tres o más palabras, que pueden incluir adverbios, verbos y otras palabras que funcionan como una preposición oracional. Es más, todas las palabras van separadas para crear una preposición oracional. Las preposiciones oracionales incluyen: in addition to, in spite of, on account of, as soon as, as opposed to, as far as, in reference to, on top of, with the exception of, in front of, as long as etc.

Ejemplos de preposiciones oracionales en contexto

  • My department told me that in addition to all the work we’ve done, we also needed to stay late.
  • Federer is playing tennis amazingly, he’s surely on top of his game at the moment.
  • As opposed to seeking advice from your therapist, why don’t you talk to your close friend, Michelle?
  • They were speaking in reference to  climate change.
  • I stand here in front of you all to make you aware of my qualities as a leader.
  • On account of the new law enacted by the government, our society is now freer.
  • I shall tell you once more again, as long as I’m in charge, I run this board.
  • As far as they’re concerned, they won’t be dealing with him any more.
  • Peter is right in front of you, look.
  • In addition to the exams, you’ll be required to do a final thesis as well.
  • Tabby wants to speak to you on account of your recent conversation.

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