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Preposiciones dobles

Las preposiciones dobles están formadas por dos preposiciones (juntas) que conforman una sola preposición. Normalmente, un prefijo está conectado con una preposición. La lista tiene: without, amid, outside, inside, within, throughout,into, onto etc.

Ejemplos de preposiciones dobles en contexto

  • You must find yourself within. 
  • Where on earth are you, Julie? I am Inside. 
  • Amid the chaotic meeting we found the solution.
  • Unfortunately, we left school without a degree.
  • Upon getting there we decided to look for somewhere to eat.
  • Without my family, I would be stranded in a desert.
  • We finally got out of the traffic jam amid all the congestion.
  • She’ll be inside for the next few weeks due to an injury.
  • Can she stay with me throughout my holidays in Turkey?
  • You should find him waiting for you outside the train station.
  • She’s tired of being inside every day.

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