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So y such

¿Qué diferencia hay entre so y such? Usamos ‘such’ con un nombre (tener o no tener adjetivo de antemano), siempre hay que poner un nombre. Es también muy habitual utilizar los artículos ‘an/a, the’ antes del nombre.

Usamos ‘so’ antes de un adjetivo o un adverbio solo

(Nunca empleamos un artículo con ‘so’).

  • She was so great.
  • David was so funny yesterday.
  • Why are you acting so weirdly?

Ejemplos de ‘such’ con un nombre, un artículo y no artículo

  • My friends are such nice people.
  • I’m such a great guy.
  • You’re such a horrible person. Why did you do that?
  • We had such a pleasant time, and now unfortunately we have to leave.
  • His colleagues at work are such decent people.
  • Maria is such a liar.
  • It’s such a pain having to catch the subway.
  • Man, he’s such an interesting fellow.

Ejemplos de ‘so’ con adjetivos y adverbios

  • Why are you so crazy and stupid?
  • I’m so annoyed at you for your behaviour.
  • How did the Chinese lesson go? It went so well, thanks.
  • Why are you shouting at him so rudely?
  • How are you feeling? I’m not so well. I’m feeling sick.
  • I’m sorry you’re feeling so ill.
  • She’s so happy these days.

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