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Adverbios de tiempo

Los adverbios de tiempo indican cuándo sucede algo. Son una referencia de tiempo. Suelen colocarse al final de la oración, pero pueden variar su posición si el hablante/emisor quiere hacer énfasis.

Hay muchos adverbios de tiempo, mencionaremos algunos: today, now, then, yesterday, tomorrow, tonight.

Adverbios de tiempo que indican cuándo sucede algo

  • John went to the shopping mall yesterday.
  • Is she going out tonight?
  • Back then David was not very mature.
  • Today, I’m going for a nice run.
  • What on earth did they do yesterday?
  • Susan doesn’t feel like studying right now.

Se usan para indicar cuánto tiempo dura

  • When did you start here? I’ve been here since 2006.
  • We haven’t seen her for two days. 
  • I’ve been studying for three weeks, 
  • When will it be done? It’ll be six days. 
  • She hasn’t seen me since yesterday.
  • I think It took me years to learn how to play the violin.
  • Have you seen the boss since last Tuesday?
  • None of my workmates want to work on Saturday.
  • This weekend is going to be exciting.

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