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Adjetivos posesivos

¿Cuáles son adjetivos posesivos? Son: my, your, his, her, its, our, your y their. Utilizamos los adjetivos posesivos para indicar posesión. El nombre poseído puede ir en singular o plural. No es necesario el formato del adjetivo posesivo.


  • This is a computer. I like my computer.
  • I have a bottle. Sam loves my bottle.


  • You have a business. Your business is massive.
  • This is a bicycle. Your bicycle is black and red.


  • He has a new house. His house is big.
  • He has many colleagues. He likes his colleagues.


  • She goes to college every day. Her college is next to her house.
  • She made a nice lunch. Her lunch was delicious. 


  • The dog has some bones. Its bones are tasty.
  • It likes to eat grass. Its grass was yummy.


  • We threw the rubbish away. We threw our rubbish away.
  • We own two properties. We own our two properties.


  • You dislike Apple computers. You don’t like your Apple computers.
  • You are a man. Your man is nice.


  • They love long roads. Their road is long.
  • They are going to the disco. Their disco is going to see a big turn-out.

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